Header IconsIcons Used In The Header

Banner IconsUsed to display information and aid navigation for specific individuals

Frailty Score Icons Used in the Personal Icon

Wellbeing Colour Code Personal Icon Border & Wellbeing Tag in the Banner

The coloured border around the Personal Icon in the banner indicates the person's wellbeing status that was last entered. This uses a traffic-light colour scheme to indicate at-a-glance how they're doing, where pale green is the most positive state, whereas a dark red border is reserved for the most serious concern.

In addition to the coloured border, their wellbeing is also indicated in the text that is displayed alongside the matching tag in the banner.

Shortcut & Status Icons See important information at a glance in the Banner, tap to jump straight to the right place

Active Icons

Inactive Icons - Icons become greyed out when forms are up to date and don't require attention. Clicking on them still takes you through to the relevant form.

Household Covid Status Indicators

The side menu contains Icons and associated descriptions. Many of them are also in the Shortcut Icons in the Banner. It is simply down to personal preference which icons you use to get to the same place.

An orange bell attached to a menu item indicates that one of these forms is nearly due.

A red alarm clock attached to a menu item indicates that one of these forms is overdue.

Note IconsWrite notes, attach files and create tasks

These icons appear beneath the input box after you click inside the box.

Note Filters Cut down the list of notes by type

In the dashboard, these icons appear directly above the list of notes. In the full patient notes page, the filter icons appear on the left-hand column.