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Applying advanced digital technology to solve real world problems

Our business spans diverse interests including low carbon energy, climate change and healthcare. The common theme is complex, multidisciplinary problems of global concern that require teamwork and the best technology to work towards a sustainable future.

CHAI® HealthTech Products

CHAI Professional
Connected Healthcare Administrative Interface

CHAI Professional is an easy to use data capture and processing system that helps clinical staff to spend more time with patients and less time on admin.

It's user friendly, saves time and improves the patient clinician relationship and experience. All activity in CHAI is audited and fully trackable, with the ability to fully integrate with existing systems.

Interfaces with our Care and Respond app to allow clinicians to communicate directly with patients or their carers.

About CHAI Professional

Health and Wellbeing Assistive Tools for
the Modern Age

Suitable for families, friends, neighbours or volunteers; working alone or as a team and connecting with professionals when needed.

Family Emergency Response Team

Hospital Updates for Friends & Family

Personal Health Passports

Care and Respond Website

CHAI Community
Empowered Volunteers Can Reduce Front-Line Service Demand and Save Lives

Volunteers can be empowered by providing them with easy to use communication software that includes simple but valuable care plans, risk assessments and in-context advice.

Any areas of concern can be escalated by individuals or lead volunteers to the appropriate authorities (some authorities have already provided direct lines of contact for volunteer groups).

CHAI Community Website

Hospital in a box Rapid deployment of a full hospital EPR that functions even with limited Internet access

Several features make CHAI especially suitable for field or temporary hospitals:

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Timely Updates

Information about procedures, symptoms and treatment methods change rapidly, especially in cases of pandemic. Our healthcare protocol, coupled with the eForms library allow governments and public health agencies to quickly deploy their latest advice and regulations to all hospitals under their authority.

CHAI Mini, a small and lightweight portable Hospital Electronic Patient Record system inside a small box.

Small & Lightweight

Our software is small and lightweight enough that you can run an entire hospital's patient record from a small edge device that can be battery powered with built-in wifi. This makes it a self-contained and highly mobile hospital in a box.

CHAI mini is a Hospital EPR that is edge ready, depicted with an artistic blue fibre optic image

Edge-ready & Robust

Processing and storing the data on distributed edge devices as opposed to central (on-premises or cloud) servers has game-changing advantages. Not only is performance dramatically improved, but overall system resilience increases significantly. For example, the EPR will continue to function normally even when the internet connection is limited or not reliable.

Hospital EPR that can be set up quickly, depicted with speedy car lights

Speedy Setup

We can create a new customised instance of the CHAI EPR without lengthy setup periods.

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